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Workplace training with live actors

Our sessions are bespoke and co-produced with you or we have a large library of topics – all of our work is crafted for impact and delivered in an unforgettable way, with no role play

Our actors breathe life into characters and events, illustrating reactions and their consequences with emotion and lasting impact.


No role play - Just workplace training sessions like no other

There’s no better way of understanding the choices people make in difficult circumstances than seeing them unfold before your eyes.

Our live sessions are developed to reflect the lived experience of your customers and colleagues on a wide range of topics. We work with you to create a suite of scenarios that will resonate with an audience. We use your language, your processes, reflect your policies so that the sessions really do land in the session.

The scenarios are brought to life in the training room by our team of professional actors and an experienced facilitator and encourage participation by the audience – but, to the relief of most of our clients – no role play!

These interactive and engaging sessions are flexible in design, suitable for small intimate sessions as well as training to groups of up to 200 people at a time. Our facilitator can run the entire session for you, or we can deliver an input as part of your event.

The emotional content delivered on the day was truly powerful which at times left our audience stunned in silence. Throughout the day the conversations held as a result were directly influenced by the material they had seen by the Afta Thought team.

No doubt Afta Thought’s input will have a lasting effect on the healthcare professionals who attended the Child Sexual Exploitation conference this year.


Lisa Cooper, Deputy Director of Quality & Safeguarding – NHS England

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Our goal is to inspire new thinking and create memories that stay with you, long after the training’s over.

Uniquely effective, accessible, adaptable, scalable, practical and measurable, Afta Thought’s training is a cost effective way of getting people talking about the issues that really matter.

But it’s not just about talking – our drama-based training creates real change in the workplace.

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