dementia hyndburn1In Lancashire alone there are around 16,000 living with dementia, and approximately 1000 of these are Hyndburn residents, these figures are expected to increase by 25% by 2025.

With these statistics, and the importance of helping those to live well with dementia, we at AFTA Thought were invited to the Hyndburn over 50s Forum to deliver our ‘Find Me’ Dementia training workshop. The Over 50s Forum is working closely with Hyndburn Council to make Hyndburn a ‘Dementia Friendly’ Borough.

Our specialised dementia training ‘Find Me’ focuses on the importance of meeting the person with dementia in their world and supporting family members, friends and loved ones to connect with them in their dementia world. All our training is created from real life case studies, by working with professionals, families, and people living with dementia. These honest, real life scenarios within the training allow the audience a glimpse into the dementia world, and let it become relatable.

Attendees included the Mayor of Hyndburn Tim O’Kane and the Mayoress Mrs Melanie Storey, along with representatives from the local police force and fire and rescue services.

Alex Farmer, a PCSO for Lancashire Constabulary said “It was both informative and emotional; I really feel that I have learnt a great deal from today. I had so little knowledge of the subject, and this was so powerful and well presented. The use of actors to enhance the topic was captivating, and everyone I spoke to was similarly humbled by the experience.”

The one thing that we always hope the audience takes away from our Find Me dementia training is to remember,

“Once you have met one person with dementia, you’ve met one person with dementia.” (Mary Austin, MD AFTA Thought)