Regenda-Group-logo-featuredI have now worked with AFTA Thought since February 2012 having first seen them through my Board role at Firsk Ark (parent group of Knowsley Housing Trust).  I remember that first occasion so well…I was an emotional wreck as well as being completely wowed by their approach to delivery on some very sensitive issues.   So much so that I bought them into Regenda to work with us on a number of fronts.

Yes, they deliver excellent drama based training, capturing some of the tricky issues that all companies face but some are afraid to explore…but that is not all they do.  I have worked with Mary Austin and her colleagues on a number of other fronts, from discussions around shaping values for the organisation and the role that leaders and managers have in this to the development of a “listening service” based on feedback from previous sessions.

AFTA Thought worked with us in focus group settings opening up the debate and creating a dialogue around what we could do in order to build greater levels of engagement across our colleagues so that there was a greater sense of well-being, drive and motivation.  They are also well placed to provide a whole range of other development needs, as they work with you to shape and own the outcome required and ensure that they meet that need for maximum organisational impact.

They are a joy to work with, open, honest, smart, knowledgeable, connected and fun – always a good thing to have in your kitbag!

Executive Director, Business Improvement, Regenda Group