Our first post of 2009 and we’re wondering where the time has gone already. It’s been the busiest start to a year that we’ve seen so far and that’s even before we hit our mad March!

The expansion of the Personalisation Agenda in health and social care services is big news at the moment and we’ve been pleased to be involved in consultation events for Liverpool City Council and an event with Skills for Care in North London. As well as being an exciting opportunity for individuals who will be able to choose their care, it informs our work in other areas, such as the Safeguarding Adults module that we deliver as part of Carer Training courses.

Direct work has included a consultation with Halton’s looked after children to discuss their Personal Education Plan review meetings. Distance work has seen us flying to Jersey to work with the Family Nursing Association and international work (sort of!) is taking us back to Northern Ireland to work with the CITB on Women in the Construction Industry. Phew!

Tuesday, 15th September 2009.