Bullying and Harassment

Stress related illness caused by bullying and harassment leads to the loss of more than 19 million working days each year and has direct financial and operational impact on UK businesses. There are many people who are “not ok”. At AFTA Thought we are only too aware how bullying and harassment  issues can be found … Continued

Challenging Perceptions in Housing

For the first time, Liverpool City Council and Liverpool First will be holding a Housing Conference that reflects all of the Equalities strands.

Motor Neurone Disease

Last week AFTA Thought were privileged to deliver a piece of work that we began at the start of the summer for the Preston MND Care & Research Centre Symposium.

National Dementia Strategy

Halfway through September already, the summer (?) is fading from view, and we”re deeply immersed in our autumn schedule.

Northern Housing Consortium

AFTA Thought were invited by Liverpool Housing Trust to share a workshop we have developed alongside them at Northern Housing Consortium”s July event in York.

Personalisation DVD

Our final project before our summer break has been the filming of a short DVD for Liverpool City Council.

Safeguarding Children in Early Years

Recent events have once again highlighted the need for vigilance in all services for children, and shown just how vulnerable they still are – even in the places where they should be most safe.

Dementia Conference

The Alzheimer’s Society has recently reported that up to half of all dementia patients leave hospital “in a worse state than when they arrived.”