Newport-Carers-Featured-ImageA few of us had attended a Newport City Council POVA training session provided by AFTA Thought. When it came to planning our own Carers Week conference for unpaid carers and those who make decisions relating to support, we decided that AFTA Thought would be perfect to get across to politicians and professionals the difficulties faced by carers when they are looking for support in their caring role. We interviewed a carer, e-mailed the recording to AFTA Thought and agreed upon a script. The final product was sensational, and was by far the most popular part of the conference. Comments include
• “Powerful. As a health care professional, forced to reflect on my own practice. Do I listen? I hope that I have.”
• “Makes it very realistic and the fact that sketches were based on real life situations made it all quite relevant and realistic.”
• “AFTA Thought was amazing. Extremely touching.”

And from one carer
• “Better from actors as they have a script – we can’t keep it simple to be effective.”

Asking AFTA Thought to take part in our conference was most definitely the right decision.

Janet Morgan, Co-chair, Newport Carers’ Forum