Liverpool Museums‘AFTA Thought’s contribution to the House of Memories programme at National Museums Liverpool has been excellent.

‘House of Memories is an important new initiative for NML to reach out to the social care sector, supporting people living with dementia. AFTA Thought provided great knowledge and support to the NML team from the outset, complemented by a sensitive and thoughtful approach to the development of our ideas.

‘You demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of our ambition and through this we were able to produce an innovative, relevant and meaningful training programme, which has been positively received and endorsed by over 1200 social carers in our region.

‘We’re very proud of House of Memories’ achievements, and of the input provided by AFTA Thought.

‘On behalf of the team at NML, we thank you. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and we look forward to future collaborations.’

Carol Rogers, Executive director; Education, communities and visitors NML