lht“Liverpool Housing Trust (part of the Vicinity Group) recently worked in partnership with AFTA Thought to provide Safeguarding Training for over 90 staff.

We recognise that as an organisation we have a responsibility to protect children and vulnerable adults from intentional and unintentional harm.

Safeguarding is not just about existing instances of abuse but also about recognising the signs and knowing what to do in those circumstances.

Safeguarding Children and Adult Policies were recently approved by both LHT and Vicinity Boards. The aim of these policies is to ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibility to be vigilant about safeguarding issues, their own conduct and how to respond to any concerns.

Having approved the policies, staff needed training in order to understand their role in safeguarding and ensure they never feel alone or unclear when making decisions.

As part of our ongoing commitment, we’ve also produced a Pictorial Safeguarding Adult booklet for our tenants with additional communication needs.”

Donna Kelly, Director – Housing & Support Liverpool Housing Trust