Sovini-Featured-Image1AFTA Thought were a pleasure to work with. They were professional throughout and had a real understanding of issues faced by our employees and tenants. The training was really well received by employees and people were still talking about it for days afterwards.

I’ve included a selection of comments from the feedback as well;

Best aspects of the training:

  •  Awareness, issues I may have been involved in without thinking or intent.
  • The way the training was delivered was brilliant, really brought home the issues, made it come alive.
  • Visual impact: very powerful, excellent range of scenarios covered
  • Really good, I was sceptical before as to how much good it would be, all I can say is thought provoking and intensely interesting, more training like this please.
  • Performance very stimulating, well delivered. The last performance was extremely thought provoking and I welcomed it as it was an accurate reflection of many of my clients.
  • The knowledge of the subject, professionalism of the actors and the sense of humour running through the training had the ability to keep your attention at all times.

Catherine Murphy, Learning and Development Team Leader, Sovini Group