Well, it’s August and we’ve reached that time of year when we can all unwind, clear away the stacks of paper that need filing and refresh ourselves before the new ‘season’ starts in September. We’re not entirely quiet though – we have a couple of days with Nottinghamshire looking at the role of managers within their Safeguarding Adults procedures.

The picture with this blog is from a piece of Theatre in Education work that we took on for Blackpool, celebrating 60 years of the NHS. It’s rare that we take on TIE work but it was a great opportunity for our actors to show us some of the other skills that they have. Working with young people in schools always helps us stay in touch with the issues they have and feeds back into our work in the education and looked after children sectors.

Our last job before our break was a real treat for us all. AFTA Thought were invited to work with the staff at the newly restored Midland Hotel in Morecombe. Urban Splash have done an amazing job with it, and as well as getting to work with the staff looking at customer service, we got a personal guided tour too! Right then – back to that filing…

Tuesday, 15th September 2009.