Dorset-featured-imageHere are some of the evaluation comments about AFTA Thought’s input at our MCA (Mental Capacity Act)  event;

“I must admit my tension was raised seeing this on the agenda – I almost made an unwise decision to stay away.  The trainers raised a number of very important points in a stimulating fashion, if the dentist is based on a real character I’d love to have the source so that I can promote this level of shared care in my locality”

“Excellent vehicle to relay important themes that when illustrated in this way are more powerful, memorable and subsequently less complex for practitioners to absorb.”

“An excellent way of inspiring us to think about the Act in practice, have mentioned to many of my colleagues and would highly recommend the use of this type of training for your future events”

“Fantastic! Brings quandaries to life. Not good versus evil but real life dilemmas.”

“Fab actors dahhhling.  Much better than doing role play.  Good to see all sides of situation are taken into consideration”

Personally I would say, “AFTA thought were extremely professional and worked closely with us to tailor the scenarios and format of the day to best cater for our audience, we would be happy to recommend and use them again.”


Verena Cooper, Designated Adult Safeguarding Manager, Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group