CMA CGM‘We have a duty to train all of our staff in the UK in Equality and Diversity, not least because of the legal framework, but to reduce our risk exposure in relation to any claims of discrimination or harassment. On the plus side, it gives us an opportunity to engage staff in an open and trusting environment where staff can embrace diversity. It espouses dignity and respect at work.

‘I launched our UK E&D programme with AFTA Thought as a one-off for every member of staff in MacAndrews and CMA CGM UK, in both the Liverpool and London offices. I trialed it with a group of staff first to see if this would work in the CMA and MacAndrews cultures. I took a big risk as this was a large scale, high impact programme but I am pleased to say it’s been a phenomenal success.’

Karen Nightingall, UK Group HR & Training Manager CMA CGM UK Group