A great catalyst for change

Research, facilitation, communication

AFTA Thought’s widely recognised for the work we do with actors, and we’ve been lucky enough to receive stacks of great feedback from our clients about it. But we’ve found we’re increasingly being asked to work on areas of training that don’t involve using the actors.

We’ve always used a variety of techniques to tap into personal insights about the areas we work in, be it dementia, housing reform or equality and diversity. And clients have been asking us to use that approach internally, from research and background building to facilitating and communication skills. For instance, we’ve recently done a 360º strategic review for Regenda, customer excellence research with Baa Bar and NLP for Quality Assurance Assessors in the FA.

We’ve been working on projects involving:

  • strategic planning
  • 360º reviews
  • NLP
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • DVD-based training

Work without actors often means we work with your team in a small group or one-to-one basis. Because we’re outsiders, we often get a different insight into a business or organisation – and often staff feel they can be very honest with us, helping us get to the heart of an issue.

It also means we can train hundreds of people without needing to be in the room – like the DVD work we’ve done recently with the Football League – which can be a highly effective, cost-effective way of delivering certain types of training.

If you’ve got a project you think would benefit from AFTA Thought’s expertise – it you want to use our experience to make an impact – call us on 0151 220 1290 and speak to our MD Mary.