Merton Council

‘A wonderful, valuable and original part of our conference that spoke to practitioners at every level.’

Salford City Council

‘By far the most powerful training session I have ever attended.’

Pocklington School

‘Mightily received, with many staff – both support and teaching, across the Foundation.’

G&J Seddon Ltd

‘Equality and diversity is a hot topic, and it was essential for us that we offered a training package that really brought the issues to life.’

Ulster Chemists Association

‘Delegates at the UCA Conference were blown away by the presentation given by AFTA Thought.’

Bullock Construction Ltd

‘AFTA Thought has been able to uniquely demonstrate the effects of negative behaviour within the workplace and provide a powerful insight into how these behaviours can manifest.’

The Children’s Place

‘The AFTA Thought training day left all the nursery team with so much to think about that it’s still being discussed and considered two months after the event.’

Liverpool Housing Trust

“Liverpool Housing Trust (part of the Vicinity Group) recently worked in partnership with AFTA Thought to provide Safeguarding Training for over 90 staff.”

Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults

‘The success of the launch of the Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board can be gauged by the strong attendance at the event.’