It has given some employees the courage to bring situations to light with the HR department

Drama can change your mind

…And anything that has the power to change your mind can change your outlook, your perspective, and your life. Ask people about a traditional training session that changed the way they think, and they’ll probably look back blankly. Ask them about a play, or a story, however, and watch that spark of recognition…

There’s no better way of understanding the choices people make in difficult circumstances than seeing them unfold before your eyes.

Our team of writers and facilitators has more than 25 years experience in adapting drama for training; we’re experts in:

  • crafting scenarios that get to the heart of your issue
  • creating relevant and recognisable stories and situations
  • making it about you… we take time to understand what you want, research it with you and compose something that makes an impact

Inspiration, impact

Our actors breathe life into characters and events, illustrating reactions and their consequences with emotion and lasting impact. Our goal is to inspire new thinking and create memories that stay with you, long after the training’s over.

Uniquely effective, accessible, adaptable, scalable, practical and measurable, AFTA Thought’s training is a cost effective way of getting people talking about the issues that really matter. But it’s not just about talking – our drama-based training effects real change in the workplace.

If you’d like to know more about using AFTA Thought drama for your training, call and speak to our MD Mary on 0151 220 1290.